5 Reasons To Choose Shared Hosting For Your New Website

Web hosting services are the foundation of all sites published online. In the world of hosting, Shared Hosting is among the oldest hosting solutions. It is the platform of choice for first-time web hosting in India and everywhere else. 

In Shared Hosting, Linux hosting is the more popular option due to its open-source nature and affordability. The best Linux hosting offers pocket-friendly plans, high customizability, good control and a wide choice of compatible applications.

When you’re in the market to buy web hosting, you have certain requirements. These will vary from one website to another. Most first-time site owners prefer Linux hosting services because of their open-source nature. You can add new features without breaking the bank. 

So additional functionality doesn’t mean additional costs. But is low cost the only reason to select Shared Hosting for your website? No! 

We give you five reasons to choose Shared Hosting for your new website.

  1. It is pocket-friendly

As discussed, Shared Hosting is probably the lowest-priced hosting platform available today. With a low entry point, it is especially attractive to new site owners who do not have high budgets. The low prices also make Shared Hosting a great platform to try new stuff or host temporary sites. It offers decent performance which makes for a great price-to-performance ratio. Website owners get full value for the money they pay.

  1. It is managed by experts

With no domain knowledge, server management is one of the biggest hassles of web hosting. A server needs to be regularly updated and maintained in order to keep getting consistently high performance. In Shared Hosting all the server-related activities such as updates and maintenance are handled by the hosting provider. This is useful for those site owners who do not have the expertise to maintain their server. 

  1. No intricate setup required

More important than maintenance, a server must also be set up correctly to get high performance. A badly configured server impacts website performance severely. With Shared Hosting site owners do not have to worry about setting up their hosting environment. The hosting space is already configured by experts for a balance between performance and efficiency. Site owners can get their website up in minutes.

  1. No worries about security

Security is a very important aspect of web hosting, more so for new website owners. Lack of proper expertise can leave a server vulnerable to a range of cyber threats, from malware to hackers. In Shared Hosting, security is configured by the hosting provider. They have a dedicated team to handle their server security. You can stop worrying about security and concentrate on business.

  1. Multiple plans to choose from

One of the best aspects of Shared Hosting is the sheer choice of various hosting plans. Every website has a different hosting requirement. Some may need more storage while others may need more bandwidth. Shared Hosting lets you choose from a wide array of hosting plans that are designed to address the most common web hosting needs. Some hosting providers even offer customised plans.

So, while there are better performing hosting platforms than Shared Hosting, it is still the most popular hosting solution because it manages to balance low prices with consistent performance.

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