Do You Need CodeGuard Website Backup?

As a site owner, having a website backup process in place is important to ensure your site doesn’t go offline if the data is corrupted or deleted by a virus or accidentally. 

When you buy a web hosting service for your site, you ensure that the provider takes all measures to keep the webserver secure. You also use the latest security tools to keep your website safe and install SSL certificates to encrypt and protect the data exchanged between the server and site visitors. 

Despite these efforts, if a virus or malware manages to get through the defenses, then your site’s data stands at risk. This is where a backup comes in handy. 

Today, we will be talking about website backups and look at the benefits offered by CodeGuard Website Backup as a website backup service.

Here’s a video explainer about CodeGuard:

4 Ways CodeGuard Backup Boosts Your Website

CodeGuard has grown in popularity for website backups due to the range of benefits offered by it. Here are some benefits offered by CodeGuard that are not offered by other backup solutions.

Around the clock customer service

While the objective of a backup solution is to ensure that the site is backed up as per the agreed timelines, there can be times when certain snags or glitches abort the process. 

These are times when site owners need to talk to a customer service professional. Even when the site is being restored, there can be many questions in the minds of site owners that can be answered instantly with a 24×7 customer service team as offered by CodeGuard.

One-click restoration from the cloud

One of the biggest errors done by site owners is storing the backed-up files on the same server or network as the website. This is a high-risk option since a hacker gaining access to the server or network can corrupt the backed-up files too. Hence, it is prudent to store the backup on a personal computer or in the cloud. With CodeGuard, since the backed-up files are stored in a third-party cloud server, restoration can happen with a single click even if your server is compromised.

Constant monitoring

Another unique feature offered by CodeGuard is that it monitors your website in real-time and intimates you if there is any change. Hence, nothing can be added, deleted, or modified on your website without your knowledge.

Malware handling

CodeGuard offers a free Malware removal tool that checks for viruses, malware, Trojans, spyware, etc. It also remediates the data before taking the backup. While many free malware detection and removal tools are available, CodeGuard sets itself apart since it preserves the most recent version of the infected file before the infection. This makes it easier to restore the file to its previous clean version.

There are various other features of CodeGuard that make it ideal for websites as a backup solution. The Code Guard Basic plan offers ‘backup and restore’ services at an affordable charge.

Summing Up

CodeGuard Website Backup is an excellent solution to ensure that your website is backed up regularly. This helps you ensure uninterrupted site services if the site’s data is corrupted or deleted for any reason.

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